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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  December 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: it is starting to not feel a lot like christmas. very warm. kind of crazy. rosanna: yeah, i know, it is out and in the mid 60s. where do we live, san francisco? this is crazy. grelg greg what else is going on, rosanna, how are you feeling? rosanna: i'm feeling good but i wish i got better sleep. greg: i wish you were not grumpy about secret santa.
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we exchange gifts for $25. rosanna: you need to get rid of a bowl full of names. bobby moses said he's not picked. greg: i work here, hey, visit me in my office. he's tweeting you about this. all right, bobby. come and pick. amazing. rosanna: i know you put your heart and soul in this. there is passion behind it. it was screwed up last year. year. stop saying that. rosanna: it was not a holly jolly christmas. greg: one person went without a gift and going crazy. >> she did. she did. >> hey, look, i can't help it if they didn't buy a gift.
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greg: everybody was happy ultimately. rosanna: i liked my gift. greg: what'd you get. rosanna: i don't remember. greg: that's the thing. star wars is coming out. the big premier in hollywood last night. rosanna: they brought out the cast. the oldies and goodies. greg: the actors don't get along. i find that heart breaking. rosanna: i don't know how i will get over that. what is so funny, we are talking about it, you can't wait, yeah, i will see it, but i would rather see joy first. greg: that is a lady that created the mop? rosanna: yes. greg fwreg this is a major culture event, really, this is a
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the return of the jedi. rosanna: there was a great story the other night. greg: you can by the way see the movie thursday night at 7:00, you don't have wait until mid night as you do sometimes. you can see it thursday at a regular time. rosanna: you are busy, you are with me, and be part of the line. greg: you crazy christmas people. rosanna: we like to get people excited. if you led it this year, people will go wild. greg: okay. what the heck. all right, folks, what else is going on, oh, one more thing about star wars and donald trump and did you see this, donald trump as darth vader. rosanna: yes, the video from the
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greg: take a look.
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find it on the interette in, the web. greg: funny stuff. rosanna: do you think donald trump saw it? himself. rosanna: well, he's busy, a beg debate is coming up. greg: yes, tonight in vegas. in the meantime, mikey, what is going on? mike: i have a storm trooper. mike: exactly. we are working to get the storm out of town and now we have the warm temps going on with it. look at what else is going on too. there is a good amount of wind out there. 31 miles per hour gusts in bridgeport. 40 plus is when you have
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down and limbs and power lines. the wind advisory is up around richfield county and northern sections of connecticut. still we are continuing the watch the winds. we expect solid wind out there. with the temperatures, dropping, 59 at central park. 56 in sussex. 57 in poughkeepsie. 57 also for you in montauk. now, when it comes to rain, well, we have dealt with that in the evening and overnight and clearing out this morning and break up. so all together it is looking like a pretty good looking day all together. the breezy, if not windy conditions will be here at the same time with the cooler air region. it is making its way into the area as the area of low pressure is forcing it down from canada. we are going to see more sunshine further into the day and the temperatures are going down a little bit tomorrow and
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when the real winter weather starts to kick into the region. winter we gins december 21st at 1 #:48 p.m. the first average snowfall for us in the city is on december 9th. we are beyond that. that is not much at all. the seasonal average snowfall from december to march, the end of march 28 inches of snow. that is typical in a given winter season. here is what we have for the day today, sun and clouds, more clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. the high temperature was at mid night, the afternoon temperature 62 degrees with cooler air trying to pour in. clearer and colder tonight. 36-44. a high of 62 today. 52 tomorrow. and then rain coming back in the area on thursday. a little left over on friday.
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the lows dropping down to 30s. cooler stuff is on the way. today is mild out there. over to you. greg: thank you very much. drones per happens the hottest gift, they are very popular, but from time to time, people get in trouble with these things. rosanna: yes, flies too close to the planes or flying in the middle of the us open. greg: yes, faa coming out with guidelines and registering with the faa. it is like a small airplane on your hands. you have to register it. rosanna: even if it is small, you have to register it. greg: we are bringing in the expert. randy has a production company and deals with the drones.
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rosanna: what do you think about the registration? >> it is keeping the people accountable. for the season, people are buying them, the fact is these things can't go near the airports and not above 400 feet. it is a mute point any way. rosanna: you are okay with it? >> look, i don't want to do more paper work, but you know, as long as people realize they are accountable for the actions, then that is fine. greg: we have three drones what. does your company do? >> we shoot for tv, film, news, commercials. rosanna: how much does that cost? >> i don't know. rosanna: the thing with the drones, they have to be registered starting december 21st # and if you do it within the first 30 days, it is free. greg: okay. only five bucks any way.
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greg: we have a cool one, get this up in the air. did you bring the remote >> yes. i always carry it. rosanna: this is what you use to shoot the movies? >> not really. this is not flying. i use bigger ones. way bigger ones than that. that shoots amazing footage. this is a good drone. blade glimpse. you killed the battery from flying it so much. greg: all right, one drone is next. it is the smallest and lamest one, but actually it is cool. >> it is amazing. taunt your cat with it. crash it all you want. don't fly it at people. greg: count down. rosanna: 3, 2, 1. blast off.
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they probably will coming up soon. rosanna: home drones in the fleet? >> a lot. >> rosanna: how many is a lot? >> like 15. greg: this is like indestruct inl. rosanna: randy, can you imagine drones dropping off packages in new york city? how do you feel about that? >> any time people do stupid things with drones in the urban centers i don't like it, it is not good for business or a hobby. if there is a responsible way to do it without the issues, it is awesome. you can get anything you want from amazon in minutes, that is great. greg: they are smart at amazon. rosanna: look at what they are doing here. they are doing whatever they want to do. greg: well, they are working on it.
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i think when you live in an urban center, you have to be concerned this stuff flying over your head. >> yes, the brand new pilots stay away from the people and be smart otherwise you ruin it for the hobby. rosanna: you hit the lights, cameras. greg: it is so small. did you figure out the big one yet? i would love to see it. >> i'm busy talking. we'll figure this out. greg: this is like the rolls royce. >> this is the phantom. it is stable. it is easier to fly because of the gps.
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rosanna: it is making moves. there are problems. >> look, always human error. you know. that is why it is important to get the humans to know what they are doing when it comes to flying the drones. rosanna: greg is a pilot. really, a real pilot? >> greg: well, yes. rosanna: for a company, we actually need real pilots. if you are looking for another job. greg: how much. rosanna: 750 or a grand a day. greg: i lost it. where'd it go? can you bring it back here? now back to the new job, how much? >> 750 or a grand a day for a
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rosanna: that is pretty good. greg: where can people find you? >> i started the new york city drone film festival. it is right here in new york. that is march 4, 5, 6. we show the best cinema in the world. they hired the company to do that. greg: the scenes that you can get from a drone is incredible. it is astounding. >> we show the best of it. rosanna: that is intense. >> superman with a garden state parkway. rosanna: where are you from? >> life long new yorker. i watch you all of the time. i have been a director for years
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and took off, awesome, supper fan, great for young people to learn about building things and electronics and robotics. greg: how much is that big boy? >> $1,200. >> the smaller one? >> this is 170. >> and this little guy here. >> proton, that flies and costs about 40 bucks. >> you don't sell them? >> no. >> you are not paid by the companies? >> no. >> just checking. >> randy, thank you so much, sir. >> congratulations and don't forget to register your drones. >> yes, just the big ones. not the little ones. >> anna chopped down a tree for christmas. she did it. she pulled it off.
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i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016 is happening now. rosanna: come on now, it is not feeling like christmastime. but the tree is up.
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a secret santa, it is going quite well. even now -- rosanna: who else is in there? greg: no, no. rosanna: who didn't pick? greg: any way. it is great. we are going to exchange gifts next week. rosanna: you have to get the tree up. anna, the tree has to go up. anna: yes, and i got the assignment. i went to cranberry, new jersey and i had a great guy. you have to learn about the trees. take a look at what i learned. how tall is this one? >> that is 13, 14 foot tree.
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that wasn't going to be me. i was looking 6-8 foot tree range. that is 7 and a half feet to almost 8 feet. this is equivalent to your eyes being bigger than your stomach. >> yes. >> well, it is cheaper. it is way fresher than anything you will find in the city. >> oom the typical precut tree can be cut down from september to august and keeping them in cold storage units before shipping them out. >> you need to be educated. the classic norway sprus. >> less fragrant? >> a little less.
9:21 am
snel of a douglas fir. i want to eat it. they are are the most fragrant trees we have. it is sap. it is going to stick. >> all right. >> pine needles are soft to the touch. you are not going to be pricked or bleed. >> great for the kids? >> yes. >> the fraser fir the popular. >> it is nice stiff branches for the ornaments. it is very soft needles. the sign rounded needle, as well as two tone, if you look at the top of the needle it is green, if you flip it up it is silver. >> for me, all about the smell test. i like the douglas fir but i want a fuller body. i'm excited to get my hands on the saw.
9:22 am
to. just be careful. >> finally after a lot of looking. i'm 5-4. that is too high tall. this is too big thanks is too small. this is nice. i found the right height and the right smell. here we go. this is actually easier than i thought it would be. then it wasn't. have no fear, as you cut your tree, you will get through the tough middle part. >> it is a workout. >> yes. it is like getting a christmas miracle. victory. merry christmas. they'll also cut and carry it for you. it is very cheap. here on the street in new york
9:23 am
>> well, you got taken. >> yes. >> it is a fun day. that's good. i have a picture of the finished product. there it is. >> wow your first christmas tree as man and wife, you and steve. >> exactly. rosanna: did steve help with the decorating? >> not at all. he tried. i redid it. greg: did he set up the tree? anna: yes. he only decorated the outside. i had to redid it. greg: what an idiot. just kidding. >> pattie is here with a new
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she's performed, by the way, quite a while since a new album out. i'm so excited. i love the warrior song. time.
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rosanna: look at this. young go-getter. greg: the band was scandal. the whole country talked about this song. rosanna: sing along. ready? good-bye to you. good good-bye to you. greg: that is pattie smyth. congratulations on the new album. nice to see you again. thank you so much. rosanna: you have been out there and performing. first of all, you have to keep
9:28 am
1999 was the last time you gave us something new. yes, i found out i was pregnant. i had my last kid who is 16 now. i have six kids. that sort of distracted me for a while. now i'm back. now like prince and putting out a new one every six months. greg: great, keep it up. tell me about those days? >> well, we travelled around in an rv. that. >> it was very dangerous. rosanna: sex drugs and rock and roll? >> yes, he was. he did the sex and the rock and roll. a boozer, whoa. rosanna: now talk about something, a little more spiritual, the christmas songs, the album.
9:29 am
i met my husband on christmas day at a party. >> that is john mcenroe? >> yes. my mother, i was raised by a single parent and she gave us great christmases. i love it. i have tried to do that. i did the first song for veterans and we shot the video out in brooklyn and we raised money for a pledge for head strong on pledge music. i wanted to give a christmas gift. we are excited. this is my gift to you. >> we preernt appreciate it. >> i wanted a drone. >> what are you going to sing. come on december. it is the name of the christmas
9:30 am
greg: beautiful. rosanna: that is a classic. i love that song. that is awesome. the album is out now? >> yes, i tunes and amazon. >> do you have the tree up? >> yes, a huge one. they charged me too much money. house? >> he's -- let me tell you, he only loses his temper in the traffic. he has a hurt knee right now, and he tried to change a light
9:31 am
rosanna: have him wrap the gifts? >> no, that is practical. >> where can we see you live? >> probably something in january. we are going to wait until after the holiday season. we are singing christmas songs. >> album is out now. get it. we love having you here.
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rosanna: oh, the statute of liberty. it is a beautiful day. we are listening to patty's music. it is great. >> she's fantastic and so the keith. >> it is time. christmas is around the corner, greg. greg: people are shopping like crazy, in the stores and online. buying stuff. you know, sometimes it tuns me off, the commerce, the pressure, and by the way, if you buy something, about six months later you forget about the gift. rosanna: that is true. you like to make things. greg: you are not kidding. you may not like to receive the things. but the do it yourself gifts are
9:34 am
rosanna: it is very thoughtful. greg: we have laurie, a home and life style expert. welcome to "good day." >> great, thank you for having me. this is stuff anybody can do. greg: you know what i mean about making something for someone, they tend to keep it. >> absolutely. i had this sweater in the closet, i couldn't use it, it was full of moth holes. >> really? >> yes but it is in tact. i made a wine bottle holder. holidays. measure this out. greg, hold this. rosanna, the honors? >> yes. >> a sock for the a wine bottle? >> yes.
9:35 am
>> we are going to staple it. the sleeve is inside outside. staple along the bottom. >> i see. >> create a little seam. >> it is like a sewing machine? >> yes. i don't have to sew it. >> i couldn't use a sewing machine. >> turn that inside out. yep, that's good. really good. greg: merry christmas, rosanna. here you go. knock yourself out. >> cute ribbon. a bow. here is the wine bottle. rosanna: i'm not good at this stuff. >> the hardest part is putting the wine in the sleeve. there you go. greg: you are right. this is better than a paper bag. rosanna: this is sweet. i like this idea. greg: paper bags with alcohol
9:36 am
>> these are dyi posters. >> dyi do it yourself. rosanna: very good. >> i asked the tile guy for a couple of tiles. he gave them to me. a lot of the time stores have the remnants. ask for a cheap tile. you just need four. chalk board paint. this cost $6. paint it, dry it. package it like this for the guest. personalize it. >> just write the name on it? >> yes. a coaster for the guest. >> all right. spare tile in the tile guy. >> first paint it. >> i like the sock better. what about this stuff?
9:37 am
favorite liquor with the cocoa. try it. >> we have been drinking all week. >> i have no problem with it. >> these jars from a big box retailer. cocoa, layer marshmallows on top. rubber band the liquor to the jar. cover it with a ribbon. just a cute little personalized thing. >> that is a sweet idea. >> the host feels special. that is all. >> this is really good. >> yes, cocoa and favor liquor. >> how about these? >> rosemary trees. they are in the grocery store. it is the herb of friendship. >> just give it to somebody? >> yes. i put a little monogram on it. r for you, g for you. what i love about the gift, it
9:38 am
use this later. >> yes. greg: where can people find you? >> online. >> we have one more? >> yes. ten second glitter tea lights. tape and on the other side decorations, find it in a stationary aisle of the drugstore. it is just a cute little gift. this could be on the plate at the dinner table. >> adorable. >> how do you make money doing this? >> we'll talk after. >> i will show you something i made for rosanna. >> sure, show me. >> take a look at this. >> that's nice. >> i took picture of drippings
9:39 am
>> not even a picture, droppings, crap on the floor. i'm sorry. >> it's art. i framed it. i did the frame myself. oh no, world trade gallery. any way. this is terrific. it is still in her office. >> i like the picture you gave us when jet seeing by the statute. >> this is something you don't lose. remember that day? it was a nice day. >> i do appreciate it. part of the sport is making fun of it. >> great, you are getting a homemade one next week. >> i can't wait. >> lori >> coming up, we are going to one of the hottest restaurants in town. it is a japanese restaurant. i have been to the one in florida.
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we are going to pair
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island. rosanna: we had a picture on the jet skis and the staten island ferry. >> we have the crazy temperatures. >> have you had a chance to go to the new restaurant, it is one of the restaurants, i was at the one at miami beach. this is a lot of fun. >> this is on madison avenue. they special in sushi and great cocktails. we have the chefs. welcome guys. >> explain what zuma? >> it is a japanese food, it is contemporary and authentic. >> what is the difference?
9:44 am
more more to current generation and more people appreciate it. >> everything is really fresh. the seafood is unbelievable. i am always intrigued by the rolling process. can anybody learn how to make that? >> the answer is no. you have to be an artist to do that. >> we'll show you. >> davis, how are you? in charge of the alcohol? >> yes, sir. >> and do you like to do some kind of pairing, but not wine pairing, this is sake? >> yes. what is that? >> it is a brewed beverage made from rice. >> what is it like the most? >> it has a number of flavors and processes.
9:45 am
>> would we really be able to know the different kinds? >> we are going to taste and you will tell me. >> let's start. we'll learn how to make a roll and then pair it, shall we? >> greg, put this on too. >> so good thing about this, rice doesn't stick. >> that is what, seaweed roll? >> yes. this is our actually blend. we have a blend of seaweed. you put a little rice here. go this way. >> do you butter the rice? >> no. >> just checking. >> do atoolians do that? >> we love butter. >> that is delicious. a little bit of tuna.
9:46 am
raw tuna? >> most important is the temperature, how they store it and same time is you have to trust your vendor. you know, we have one of the best product in this town. >> how do you roll it? >> >> like a cone. >> eat it with your hands, that is okay? >> yes. >> very good. davis, what would you pair with this? >> zuma, clean sake, bright, easy to drink and refreshing the pallet. >> it is good. it is light. sometimes sake has a funny taste to it. >> sometimes a bite. >> this is really light.
9:47 am
get wine? >> absolutely. >> is sake expensive? >> it doesn't have to be. there are lots of wonderful low end options. how much is this one? >> 105. >> for bottle? >> yes. >> the thing i have for you, douglas, you are the chef, but the fish does itself. >> there are cooked things there. >> yes. >> this is special tasting menu. 7 tasting fish menu. >> can you point that out? >> this one. >> okay. on the right side is salmon, and miso.
9:48 am
the black cod. >> what leaf is that? >> did you make this today? is it edible? >> yes. very ed edible. >> you are very talented. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> what are the hours of operation? >> opening up at 11:45 for lunch, closing at 3:00. and come back for dinner. >> oh, okay. i thought 3 in the morning, wow. >> depending on the day or weekend, coming into 11:45. >> you are great. i will check it out. >> 7 days a week? >> yes. >> lunch on the weekends. >> how about christmas? >> yes. absolutely.
9:49 am
>> perfect. there you go. >> merry christmas, thank you for being here. "good day" is coming right back. what'd you think about the cod? >> i like it. i will eat around the leaf. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no!
9:50 am
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call now. for a limited time, get a free trial of showtime for one year, and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. rosanna: maria, thank you so much for saying nice things
9:52 am
>> i'm empressed about me and the chop sticks. rosanna: how much have you eaten? >> greg: i'm doing my best. the green stuff, hot, it comes from, a tree? >> root vegetable or basically green, like horseradish . rosanna: chef, like this? >> yes, this a grater. grate it like this. yes. it takes a little more power to it. >> where does this come from? >> actually from japan. >> wow. >> this is cool. >> in the domestic -- >> the fresh wasabi. >> a little more sweeter at the same time. >> it needs a seasoning or something like that. right? >> yes. this is not pure? >> yeah, that is not the real stuff.
9:53 am
your head will explode. you know what, give him a shot. >> you are very good. we just learned something about wasabi. >> stay tuned for periscoping. see you there live. coming up.
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glad forceflex.
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